About Us

Melhina and Ken moved here from Prince George several years ago. They purchased Casa Del Mell Orchards (previously called "the View") about 7-8 years ago to begin their journey as orchardists. Having virtually no experience at all as farmers, they learned through trial and error along with the support of their neighbours how to tend their crops and produce the quality fruit which they sell mostly through their "Authentic Roadside Fruitstand". Along the way, they have learned many lessons and gained much knowledge - mostly about themselves. Find out more about their orchard and their fantastic journey on the "Fruit Blog"! Read More...


Contact Information

Casa Del Mell Orhcards
14803 97th Street,
Osoyoos, BC
V0H 1V2

Tel: (250) 495-3936
email: casadelmell@eastlink.ca


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Don't forget to visit our Fruit Blog as well to find out more about our adventures here on the orchard!


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